Creeping casually past the broken down mansion, I came across an intimidating site that made my teeth chatter, and my spine crawl all over with goosebumps and chills. 

Then everything stopped, and instantly my whole body froze.

 I heard a creaky door slam, and heard leaves crunch as the dark figure gradually moved its way towards me.

I ran towards the road only to figure out he was waiting patiently for me with a rusty blunt knife. 

I scream at him with an almighty yell, but all he did was grin wickedly at me, and continued sprinting in my direction.


Lumbering back to my mums car in the pitch black I struggle to cling onto the one dozen pizza boxes.

 The heat coming from the mouth-watering pizza distracts me from the vibrating phone that’s in my pocket. I reach down with one hand to grab my phone. But then everything stops and fear strikes into my heart  I feel one of the pizza boxes slowly slipping out of my greasy hands.

“NOOO! Not the pizza!” (SPLAT!) 

The boxes are piling on top of each other, stringy cheese spreading all around the filthy concrete. It looks like a warzone down there.


Then everything stopped and I could hear her singing in the dark.    

I tried to stay silent, but I stepped on a rock. I heard her running full speed towards me, and I started to bolt for the door. She was really fast for being small, but I was faster.

As I burst through the door I can hear the city come to life, but she was chasing me so I get in my car, and I drive as fast as I can home.

 I saw on the news that she has been caught. Thank goodness that ordeal is over.


Here is the latest news

from the Challenge Team,

with the Challenging Times.

Cultural Diversity Within Ashley School

There are 175 pupils who attend Ashley School, and there are 10 cultures represented throughout Ashley school, including the following:

NZ European – 77.3%  Australian – 2.3%  British / Irish – 1.1%  Samoan – 0.6%  Japanese – 1.1%

NZ Maori – 13.1%  Other European – 1.7%  African – 1.1%  Filipino – 1.1%  Fijian – 0.6%

Most of the children at Ashley School were born in New Zealand, but some of their parents have ethnic connections which have been passed onto them.

Cultural acceptance is important within our learning community. 

Even though we have our differences, we are all human and we need to learn how to respect, and care for one another in the same way we would with our own whānau/families.

The importance of Cultural Acceptance 

Cultural acceptance is important in today’s society now more than ever. By accepting each person for who they are, and for their culture, we can make good decisions, and help stop discrimation against other religions and cultures.

It involves the ability to stand back from ourselves and become aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions. 

Cultural awareness is the understanding of the differences between yourself and people from other countries or other backgrounds, especially differences in attitudes and values. 

If everyone accepted, embraced and showed respect to other cultures, then the world would be a better place. 

Kapa Haka and Cultural Festival 2019

The Kapa Haka group has practised almost every Friday, with our tutors Mātua Wiremu and Whaea Debby, who have come and taught us all our Waiata, powhiri and haka, since the beginning of the year. Some of us have also practised before and after school, memorising our parts, preparing things out of class time, and we practised until we got it perfect.

Our practices were held in the school hall, where we didn’t have much space but we made do with what we had and adapted easily to the more spacious area at the Christchurch venue, the Horncastle Arena.

A huge thank you to all of the teachers, parents, and students for everything they’ve done to help us with practice, uniforms, ironing, fitting, altering, and being our support crew.

We asked some students how they were feeling before and after the Cultural Festival  performance, this was their feedback:

Temperance – Year 8

Before the event she is excited and confident because she is improving at every practice.

She’s feeling nervous and ready to perform on Thursday, but also confident because she has done the Cultural Festival before.

Temperance thinks the practices went great because “We learnt everything piece by piece and then put everything together and put in the time, effort and energy into having an awesome performance that we’ll remember.”

After wards she felt like a lot of weight was taken off her shoulders and relaxed afterwards, because she believed that we accomplished everything that was handed to us. Temperance was proud of what we did and how it all came together.

Jorja Rose – Year 6

Before the event she’s feeling quite confident and also really nervous, but overall excited about doing her best. She is not very worried because she has performed before and still does perform a lot in front of an audience. Jorja is ready to put 110% into this performance, while VERY paranoid that she may mess up.

When we asked her how the practices went she replied, 

“Good. When we started it was easy to learn because Mātua made it straightforward to learn and had the words up on the screen and went through paragraph by paragraph…

Afterwards Jorja-Rose feels like we did really well and did Ashley school proud, and she was bold in most of our songs. Felt relieved that we didn’t mess up, that everyone participated and did their part in the show.

Our Opinion: 

The Challenge group felt very proud of what our school kapa haka crew had done because they put so much effort into the Cultural Festival, and they left everything out there, including their voices. There will be a YouTube video in week 10.



The moon started shaking then everything stopped, and a terrible screeching filled my ears.

What was going on?  The moon was moving at a speed beyond words, away from the earth. It was like somebody had tied a rope around the moon, and was dragging it off into space.

Suddenly  the water was rising, the moon was out of sight now. Was it the apocalypse? Was it a dream?

I wake and look outside, there was no moon, this wasn’t a dream.

I sprinted down to the beach, I saw that the water was dead still, no movement  at all.



“My ship is going down,” I shouted out into the stormy ocean, expecting to hear nothing back. Astonishingly I heard a faint voice. It was muffled but I could make out the words. 

“ Where are you? I’ll come and get you” said the mysterious voice.  

“ I’m over here Please help me!” I yelled with fear. 

I could feel myself becoming light headed as I heard the rushing water in my ship. 

Finally,  in the distance was a ship at full speed coming towards me. 

That’s why there are statues here son, because of that one big act of kindness.


I’m looking down from the top storey of my house, and I can see the statues of George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin conversing outside of the Masonic Temple. 

Creepy looking characters always enter this massive building, but what do they do in there? Why don’t they allow the public to enter? What secrets are they hiding? How many people have they recruited all over the world? How many of these buildings do they have in the world? 

I wonder If they’re doing some sort of experiments inside of them maybe like time travel teleporters robotics. I’m going to find out!


As Thanos wiped fifty percent of living things on the planet they all turned into stone. I was lucky to be one to survive, but  as I walked closer I saw Benjamin Franklin giving George Washington a special looking piece of paper. I grabbed the paper.

It read; ‘By the time you read this Thanos would have snapped his fingers and the world has ended, please get the Avengers to save all of us.’

The government was trying to hide away the future and Thanos.


As we approach the destination my body overloads with excitement as we visit the area where George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were spotted having a gruesome argument. People say that Sir Benjamin was trying to persuade Sir George to reveal the Masons biggest secrets. 

The questions I ask are: What were they hiding? What did they know? And what material were they holding? 

No one truly knows but Sir Benjamin, Sir George and the Masons. Ever since I found out they were part of the Masons its theoretical how the American dollar bill has the Illuminati signature.




There is an old tale that these men are frozen solid in reinforced aluminium and their corpses are still in these statues. You can hear their screams from when the aluminium melted their bodies frozen still and their bones have disintegrated. 

That is just a legend though it’s probably not true.

Anyway let us carry on to our other weird and mysterious items. 

Little did they know that these statues are alive and their bones aren’t disintegrated, but the problem is that the “statues” are real living people and they want to break free, oohh they want to break free.