Rakau students are having a busy couple of weeks as we wind up towards the end of Term 1 (already!) with two weeks of swimming and that was preceded by a wonderful camp experience for almost all 75 students, at Living Springs on Banks Peninsula.   

This is such a beautiful part of Canterbury and we thoroughly enjoyed our two days and two nights staying together with fabulous parents who gave up their time to be with us.  

We created a Camp Code of Conduct so that everyone knew exactly how to behave while away from school and home. 



  • Being pleasant and kind to everyone at camp – use manners.
  • Looking after our environment and equipment  wherever we are.
  • Listening to instructions and following them.
  • Having a great attitude by participating and contributing to all of our activities. Showing  perseverance and grit.
  • Being grateful for everything that we are getting on camp.

Camp Time is School Time – Let’s have fun!

Look out for some camp stories, pictures and interviews coming up soon.



I’ve always wanted to be in World War 1 but I had never ever thought in my wildest dreams that It was so much stress, pressure and scary.

Jim a young soldier who had only been in the war for about seven months now, was on night watch but Jim told me If I took over for him he would repay me with a can of food. I straight away replied, “Yes of course.”

In the morning I was going to eat my can of food before breakfast, so I opened the can and It was empty.

What a surprise!

Lachlan has written 100 Words.

An explosion sounded nearby. I sprinted back home, the Lancasters roaring on up above.  

I screamed, “they’re here! The bombers!”

“Collect our money from the safe then meet me back outside!” Mum shouted.

I sprinted towards the stairs leading to the attic, started to climb then reached the safe and opened it.

It was empty, what a surprise.

I darted down the stairs empty handed.

“Where’s the money?” asked Mum.

“The safe was empty,” I replied.

“Just follow me,” she yelled.

She went into the garden shed and grabbed the centre tile, then lifted it. Underneath was a secret bunker.

Israel was a bit late with his 100 WC last week…

…but it is so good that it needs to be shared!

The vinegar was too sharp but he was determined to finish the rather strong drink.

He pondered around for a couple of minutes wondering if he should scull the drink. Eventually he came up with a solution.

He thought that adding 2 teaspoons of sugar and one packet of Raro to the drink would help, but no it made it worse!

The colour of the vinegar turned blackish-brownish almost like it just got pulled out of the sewers.

And now – he thought to himself, he can’t waste all of those delicious ingredients, so he sculled and the unexplainable happened…

Couper LOVES the challenge of the 100 WC!

As I walked through the long, narrow hallway of my house, I overheard my Mum and Dad slurping on the juices of marinated oysters,

I heard my Mum state, “this vinegar is too sharp”.

I hear them rattling around the pantry and I begin to strut into their feast..

I ask, ‘what the HELL are you doing and how is vinegar too sharp?’

But they ignored my second question.

Pulling out another bottle of vinegar, Dad replied that, “THIS is the one, we need son.”

I suddenly realised where I got my picky taste buds from,

My picky eating parents…


George has worked hard on his 100 WC!

Waking up and realizing that there wasn’t enough food to last me for an hour, my brothers had beaten me to the good food and there was only vinegar left. The vinegar was too sharp for me to even think about drinking it so I had some water but somehow there was only vinegar in the tap.  I regurgitate all the food I had in me. My throat was burning, every time I swallowed my throat crumpled.

Suddenly I jumped up in my bed realising I was only dreaming and that It was all fake. But was it really all fake.


Ella’s 100 WC

lt’s my first day as the head chef of  Ivory restaurant, as I walk through the enormous  glass doors, I can see all sorts of cool things. I was quickly shown to the kitchen, It has to be one of the most amazing kitchens I have seen. The kitchen is humungus with lots of people.

After a while in the kitchen I went to see what some of the customers thought of their meals, one person thought that the  vinegar was too sharp, I was a little disappointed but everyone else seemed to be happy!Everything was going ok. YAY!


Connor P is into the 100 Word Challenge.

I biked home incredibly swiftly, knowing that the food was diminishing rapidly. I was determined to feed my cravings for chips. I hastily rushed in the door,  just dead set on those chips.

“Are there chips!” I exclaimed frantically.

“Yes, calm down,” mum said trying to calm me down.

Before I knew it, I was stuffing my face in a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

I got down to the last chip, but the vinegar had caught up to me.

The vinegar was too sharp. My throat was bone dry, my tummy was churning, I was going to regurgitate...

Connor P

Connor S is keen on writing about the vinegar!

On my way back from school I spy a little envelope on the road. Leaning over to grab it  I suddenly see a car coming full speed ahead. I quickly grab it and run to the pavement.

I slip the envelope open, to  my surprise I find a $20 note – I am so shocked.

“SCORE!”  I yell.

Walking home got me a little hungry so I sprint to the pub thinking about chips,                                                              I’ll get some.  I show up at the pub and buy chips. I get home, put the vinegar on the chips realising the vinegar is too sharp.  

Connor S

Olivia T thinks the vinegar is too sharp!

I am walking and walking barely being able to stand how cold the water is. I walk and walk as it gets colder and colder every step I take I can’t stand it anymore I sprit out of the water.

I walk into the forest but the forest ends and it goes completely white all I see is a man walking towards me I am scared is he going to kidnap me instead he offers me a bag of chips. I think the chips look dodgy but I eat one anyway but the vinegar is too sharp I suddenly collapse.

Olivia T