Ciara’s first time in the 100WC and it’s a doozy!

It moved, why was it moving? That should not have been moving, well not on its own anyway.

As I backed away the from the small bag, it moved closer. Then suddenly out came a tiny, irregular man, his torn clothes were old and dirty. He poured me a large cup of vinegar then insisted on me having a sip, even after I politely declined.

“UGH!” my face screwed up naturally as I took a sip. The vinegar was too sharp. The bitter taste lingered in my mouth. The little man chuckled and then vanished into the dark, haunting night.


One thought on “Ciara’s first time in the 100WC and it’s a doozy!

  1. Hi Ciara. Well done – I love this piece of writing! You have used words imaginatively and creatively, and your opening lines instantly drew me in and got my attention. Keep up the excellent writing Ciara.

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