Connor S is keen on writing about the vinegar!

On my way back from school I spy a little envelope on the road. Leaning over to grab it  I suddenly see a car coming full speed ahead. I quickly grab it and run to the pavement.

I slip the envelope open, to  my surprise I find a $20 note – I am so shocked.

“SCORE!”  I yell.

Walking home got me a little hungry so I sprint to the pub thinking about chips,                                                              I’ll get some.  I show up at the pub and buy chips. I get home, put the vinegar on the chips realising the vinegar is too sharp.  

Connor S

One thought on “Connor S is keen on writing about the vinegar!

  1. Really nice story Connor. You used great vocabulary in your 100 Word Challenge. Keep writing awesome stories.

    Olivia Williams
    Ashley School

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