Couper LOVES the challenge of the 100 WC!

As I walked through the long, narrow hallway of my house, I overheard my Mum and Dad slurping on the juices of marinated oysters,

I heard my Mum state, “this vinegar is too sharp”.

I hear them rattling around the pantry and I begin to strut into their feast..

I ask, ‘what the HELL are you doing and how is vinegar too sharp?’

But they ignored my second question.

Pulling out another bottle of vinegar, Dad replied that, “THIS is the one, we need son.”

I suddenly realised where I got my picky taste buds from,

My picky eating parents…


One thought on “Couper LOVES the challenge of the 100 WC!

  1. Hi Couper
    Your story works well, you have kept it relatively simple and set it in a place that many people can relate to. I also liked the way you managed to complete the story within the 100 words, rounding it off so that the reader wasn’t left wondering what would happen next.
    Miss T Team 100wc

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