George has worked hard on his 100 WC!

Waking up and realizing that there wasn’t enough food to last me for an hour, my brothers had beaten me to the good food and there was only vinegar left. The vinegar was too sharp for me to even think about drinking it so I had some water but somehow there was only vinegar in the tap.  I regurgitate all the food I had in me. My throat was burning, every time I swallowed my throat crumpled.

Suddenly I jumped up in my bed realising I was only dreaming and that It was all fake. But was it really all fake.


One thought on “George has worked hard on his 100 WC!

  1. My goodness, George, I can’t imagine anything worse than having to drink vinegar! It made me wonder why your brothers had been so unkind t eat all of the food and leave you with nothing.
    I was so relieved that it wasn’t a true story but it seemed to be one of those dreams that you remember long after you have woken up.
    Miss T Team 100wc

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