Maisy’s first effort in the 100 WC.

Tonight for tea in my house we are having fish and chips.

You wouldn’t believe what my dad does to his fish and chips, he dips them in VINEGAR!

Usually people in England eat their fish and chips with a side of vinegar but in New Zealand we prefer tomato sauce on the side cause I think it tastes better.

So I decided to taste test vinegar, to me vinegar tastes unpleasantly bitter I didn’t like it at all.  When I dipped my tongue in, the vinegar was too sharp, with a strong taste and I had an instant dislike.


2 thoughts on “Maisy’s first effort in the 100 WC.

  1. Well done Maisy. This is a super piece of writing for your first 100 Word Challenge.
    I like your choice of words like unpleasantly bitter and instant dislike.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Holden
    Teacher in Chippenham, England

  2. Awesome 100 Word Challenge Maisy! Really good words too. Keep up the great writing.

    Olivia Williams
    Ashley School

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