Roald Dahl – The Witches.

The blurb for this fantastic book says:

‘A REAL WITCH gets the same pleasure from squelching a child as you get from eating a plateful of strawberries and thick cream.

What’s even more unnerving is that real witches don’t look like witches. So how can you tell when you meet one?’

You’ll find out all you need to know in  Roald Dahl’s book called the Witches. It’s very exciting and you never want to put the book down.

Roald Dahl has written a selection of wonderful books such as the Witches, Matilda, The B.F.G, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Twits are just some of the fantastic books this clever man has written.

My opinion is that it is a very good book and that all ages would enjoy it. It’s very exciting and the chapters are very easy to read.

Some of the characters are – a very witch conscious little boy, his grandmother and the grand-high-witch. The boys grandmother loves smoking cigars and lived in Norway until the boys parents get killed in a car crash.  In his parents will they wanted him to grow up in England so his grandmother had to go there to look after him.

The grandmother gets very sick so she and her grandson can’t go on their holiday to Norway as planned. So instead they go to a hotel in England and unfortunately that’s were the witches have their meeting for that year,

The boy is caught out, hiding behind the big screen listening to the witches sinister plan. So how does he manage to get turned into a mouse and escape?

You’ll have to read it to find out.