On Friday the 17th the senior school walked down to the Marshall-Lees farm for cross country. The races started off with the year 7’s going first and then it went year 5’, year 4’s, year 6’s and year 8’s. I am a year 8 so I went towards the end. There were only four people in my race because Isabella and Olivia couldn’t race. We had to run 3k in 14:30 minutes. I came first which I am so happy about, and I made the time.

Just before my race the year 1, 2, and 3’s came to do their races. I ran with some of the little kids in their race. They were so cute when they ran, and when they went through the mud pit, some of their faces were so funny.

When all of the races were finished we went back to school. The day went really well.

I have also done the Tri- schools and came 4th and made the time, so I am going to go through to the Rakahuri zones next week which I am super nervous about.