– You’re never too young to die…      

A quote from Alex Rider in the explosive book Stormbreaker which starts off with a boy Alex losing Ian Rider‘’his father” in a so called “car accident”.  Alex started getting suspicious with this dreadful news which left him with his housekeeper Jack.

At the funeral Alex was left to talk with his father’s friends who had worked with him at the bank. Alex got even more suspicious when he saw another one of Ian Rider’s friends with a pistol on the inside of his shirt.

The next chapter Heaven for Cars answers everyone’s questions , who is the man really and why does he have a gun?

Anthony Horowitz is an English author who is well known for his Horror Horowitz series and his jaw dropping Alex Rider books. Anthony has won multiple book awards such as Hampshire Book award, Lancashire Book of the Year and also the 2001 Children’s Book award. His most common books are both mysterious and adventurous .

In my opinion I think this book is well written and I also like how it flows on to the next novel Point Blank. Personally I have read all the novels in the Alex Rider series. I would recommend the book Stormbreaker to all ages who love reading adventurous books.

Connor S