Cross Country Recount

On Friday the 17th of May it was cross country day. That morning everyone was excited. When we were walking to cross country we were all chatting to each other about racing.

When we arrived we were told where to sit and we waited for the first race to start. The first racers were on the track and everyone was cheering for them. It was great to have our parents there to cheer us on.

Before long all of the races were finished so Mr Mullan gave a speech. We started walking back to school with our parents and teachers.

That afternoon most people were happy and pleased with themselves, it was a great activity.

Some lucky kids made it through to tri schools. Tri schools was held on Tuesday the 21st of May.  

On the day of tri schools the kids that qualified got driven by parents to the Loburn Domain rugby field. This is where tri schools was held. The two other schools competing were Loburn and North Loburn, so with Ashley, had to walk around the track we were running on so we knew where to run.   

After a while the races started, everyone was running their hardest. When all the races were finished, everyone went home or got driven back to school. A couple of kids did really well in their race at tri schools and qualified for the next level – the Rakahuri event.

Rakahuri is going to be held on the 28th of May.