On your marks, get set, GO! On the 17th of May  

2019 was the day for Cross Country for Ashley

School. Almost everyone attended and had such

an honourable time, but some sadly had to sit out because of some injuries and illnesses.  


All before this day came, some seniors joined an extra group called the elite group. We did extra running than others and some were lucky enough to go out to the Ashley Village to go on the very fine track and of course it was reasonably fun. There were little bumps and some up hills and down hills. And all this added up to students being such fantastic runners.

The organizers gathered up the year 7’s so they could warm up for the race, they did stretches and did a little jog on the spot. The crowd was very excited and nervous and was constantly yapping away.

The first race was the year 7’s, when they started it was 12.30pm.

When others where racing, I saw that they all were going hard out and doing their best. Some people’s thing may not be running or sprinting, but as far as I’ve seen it, no one gave up and they all kept on going.

There were some gates and a mud pit to jump over but thankfully this year nobody lost their shoes in the mud and nobody got tripped.

My Opinion

For my opinion on this day I’d say it was fantastic, when I had my race I did not get distracted by anyone while I was jogging/running but one thing I would say that was kind of not helpful was the holes in the ground and trying to not trip over.

Thanks to…

I’d like to thank Georges family for opening up their farm for Ashley School, we all really appreciate it. It was a very fun time and now I’d like to thank all the staff members for getting us there safely and for organizing everything else. One more thank you to all the parents that helped all the seniors practice, we couldn’t have done it without you.


  • Do you do cross country at your school?
  • What’s your opinion of cross country?
  • Are you reasonably good or bad at cross country?
  • Would you ever do it again?