1. WOLF!

I am terrified but the owl creeps me out even more, with It’s gloomy, glowing eyes staring at me continuously. I started to shake my heart was beating a million miles per hour, then suddenly I was shaking non-stop that I started getting goose bumps all over me. Then a big breeze came and blew my brown tie off and it went flying off and landed on a branch. I didn’t want to reach and get it though because I was too scared to.

I was holding my lunch box in my left hand. Oh and I nearly forgot the reason I had it was because I just wanted to eat my dinner in peace alone. But I couldn’t, I just couldn’t, when I knew someone was watching me. And that someone was the owl and I also think my wife was there as well.

Sheee waasss umm! Probably looking for me and wondering where I was.

But I couldn’t let her see me because if I did she would probably make me go hunt for some food in the dark creepy misty woods. Then suddenly I heard Hoo hoo Hoo hoo, I looked around there was nothing.

I then heard it again Hoo hoo this time it wasn’t as long and had a different tune, So then I looked around again!

At first I thought it was the owl but when it happened the second time I was staring at it and I didn’t see it’s beak open!

Then I heard it once more I then realised that the only place I didn’t look was up and down I slowly looked down there was nothing I then slowly looked up….



Hoo hoo Hoo hoo do you think it was?

And do you want a part 2 to the story?