Review on the The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical that was written in 1973 and released as a movie in 1975 by Richard O’Brien who was born as Richard Smith on 25 March 1942.  Richard O’Brien now lives in New Zealand – he played Riff Raff in the original movie.

It is an awesome sci-fi musical about an alien called Frank N Furter. Him and his servants live in a big mansion in the middle of nowhere.

Two normal people called Brad and Janet decide to visit an old teacher from Denton High called Dr Everett Scott. They miss a corner and find themselves at a dead end. They try to reverse but end up with a flat tyre. They are left with no choice but to enter the old mansion which reveals the horrors within

The reason I like the Rocky Horror Picture Show because it is humorous,  weird, funny AND MAD. I also went to the Hollywood theatre in Sumner, Christchurch to watch this movie in a sing along version. You had all these things like when it was raining in the film you were given newspaper and Frank N Furter would squirt everyone with a little plastic watergun.

Some of the characters are:       

Brad Majors   – Barry Bostwick

Janet Wyce     – Susan Sarandon

Frank N Furter  – Tim Curry

Riff-Raff        – Richard O’Brien

Columbia     – Little Nell

Magenta      – Patricia Quinn


Some of the songs are:

Science Fiction

Dammit Janet

There’s a Light

The Time Warp

In conclusion, I highly recommend you to watch this and GIVE YOURSELF OVER TO ABSOLUTE  PLEASURE!