I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I sprinted to school. I was running so late and I didn’t have a second to spare. 


Out of nowhere I tripped over. My bag went flying and everything fell out onto the bitumen. I scrambled to pick up my belongings and continued down the road. 


At school, I got a late slip from the office and went to class. I heard them before I saw them. Everyone was clapping as I walked in. 


Penny Harper was taking a bow and suddenly I remembered – it was the speech competition today!

One thought on “CLOVER’S LATE FOR…

  1. Can you believe that the first bit of your story actually happened to me in real life when I was much younger. I can still remember it though and I was so upset because some of the paper flew away and I lost it.
    I thought at first that everyone was clapping you, but it makes so much more sense with the given prompt to have the clapping already happening beforehand. Well done!
    Michelle, Team 100wc, Melbourne, Australia

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