By golly Ashley School is in the news with the 100 Word Challenge website!

Feeling very proud of the fabulous writing which students are doing on our own class blog, but many of the pieces which are going into the 100 Word Challenge each week, are marvellous!

This week, the whole 100 Word Challenge set-up, is the work of our very own Amber, who is a regular contributor! This is on top of last week’s news that Jorja-Rose had her piece in the showcase, AND Terry Culkin, a cartoonist, created a picture for it!

Brilliant! Check out this weeks challenge which was created by Amber, here:

Here is the Terry Culkin toon, and Jorja’s piece which it matches.

My friend Jane and I were in the woods. I heard them before I saw them. Suddenly there standing in front of us, a whole pride of lions.   

“What do we do?” I whisper to Jane.

“Don’t RUN!” Jane replied. 

I run off. “No! I said don’t run.” Jane shouted.

By then all the lions were chasing her.

“WHAT DO I DO NOW?” I shout out but by then they had taken me to the ground. Jane fell down and started crying. Then she began to laugh, looking up, and there they were, the lions licking her. 

It was extraordinary.