Ella is lost in the forest.

Tired and lost, she makes her way through the dark, damp forest tracks, running away from her past. Will she be able to forget what has happened to her?

 Every step is weakening her, desperately wanting water and food. As it begins to darken she loses sight of the track. “ But where did it go?” she shouted. 

She stumbles further into the dark forest desperate to find the track. She stumbles against a tree stump from lack of sleep. 

Opening her eyes, beams of light blind, her. Realising she fell asleep she gets up and runs deeper into the forest.

7 thoughts on “Ella is lost in the forest.

  1. Maybe there has to be a bit of a plot twist. It is lacking detail, and words. It seems like a plain story, not to be mean. But for next time add something else.

    • Thanks for this interesting comment. Just letting you know, we are only allowed to use 100 WORDS so I can’t exactly add more. I hope that next time my writing can be up to your standards.

  2. Nice work Ella,
    I really like how you said ‘ Tired and Lost ‘ at the start of your story. I think next time you should not use ‘ she stumbles ‘ twice. Overall it was great.
    Maisie M

  3. Hi Ella
    I love your story because I go out and have a little walk in the mountains and the forest sometimes. I love the way it just hooks you in because when I started reading I couldn’t stop

  4. Awesome 100 Word Challenge Ella! It has lots of descriptive words and great vocabulary. You did use a bit of repetition in your story, but everything else is perfect! Well Done Ella!

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