Jorja-Rose is first off the rank for 100WC this week.

Words to use this week.



As I look across the horizon, I see the bright green meadow shine like a star. Just as my feet kicked the water, I noticed the lake glimmering as I pulled myself higher and higher up the rope, my hands gripping like a crocodile grabbing onto its prey. 

When I swung across the water I saw a balloon as big as an elephant floating in the sky.

But where did my crocodile go?” a lady across the lake shouts.  

WHAT?” I say in disbelief. “A crocodile? Is he frightening?” I shout back.

“NEVER! And he is brown like squishy mud,” the lady said.

One thought on “Jorja-Rose is first off the rank for 100WC this week.

  1. Jorja-Rose,
    Your piece gripped me like the narrator on the rope. Later, in your piece, your dialog helped move the piece along. Great incorporation of the focus words.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G. Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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