“Bang!” the deafening sound of balloons popping, a frightening noise filled my ears. This has NEVER happened before! 

A blood RED balloon came drifting out of a large murky drain pipe, “Bang!” there it goes again, this time it was different though. 

A large black figure emerges from the same drain that the RED balloon came from.  I peered into the darkness trying to make out who this person was. 

“Mu-haha” came a ghastly cackle, it’s eyes were piercing RED “Bang!” everything went dark. 

“Did someone turn the lights off?” I sarcastically joke. “Not the time,” I mutter to myself.

3 thoughts on “CIARA’S NUMBER 2 THIS WEEK, ON RED.

  1. Ciara, I never cease to be surprised by the way in which writers choose to use the prompt. This is super writing. I particularly like the way you pick yourself up for an inappropriate comment in the last paragraph. 🙂
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth

  2. This is an amazing story because it has so many adjectives in it .Next time you could use a semi colon.I would definitely recommend this to other people.Well done

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