As I walk through the dirty track I feel bored. 

“Where are we going?” I ask the field trip manager. 

“Everyone go over towards the pig styes.” 

But as I went towards the pig styes, the field trip manager singled me out. 

“Hey, are you Zak?” he asked. 

“Yes,” I replied. 

“I have been told you like chickens,” he went on. “I have something to show you, follow me.”

 As I walk into the old chicken coup, a chick flies through the air.

”I never knew they could fly,” I said. 

“They can’t,” he said, “ this one’s a special one.”

2 thoughts on “ZAK AND THE CHICKENS

  1. I liked how you included a chicken and how they have wings but cant fly, and all the details you added. All in all, I really enjoyed your story and how you wrote the 100 WC.

  2. Hi I really like your story good details. I also really like how you said I never knew they could fly and the guys said they cant this is a special one. Good job keep up the good work.

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