The Beast Of Buckingham Palace.   

‘The Beast Of Buckingham Palace’ is David Walliams newest book, about the life 100 years in the future.

The year is 2120 and the whole city of London is dark. A young 12-year-old prince called Alfred has never seen the light and has never been outside.

One morning Alfred wakes up and hears his Mum being dragged by the royal guards out of the palace and to the Tower of London. Alfred tries to save her but he gets told to go back. When his Mum is gone he wonders why she has been sent to the Tower of London.

Finally, he figures out why his mum was sent to the Tower of London. An evil man called The Lord Protector says that she was part of the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries are a group of people who work together to destroy all the famous buildings in London and if you get caught out of bed when it is the night you would be sent to the Tower of London because The Lord Protector would think you were part of the revolutionaries.

One night Alfred was seen by the lord protector and is sent to the Tower of London. Luckily for Alfred when he gets sent to his cell his Mum is in the cell above him.

Then Alfred hears a man talking to his Mum in the cell above.

“Tell me where the revolutionaries are.” while his Mum was refusing to. Alfred hears the person say,

“If you don’t tell me I will torture your child.” and that is exactly what they do.

They put the Alfreds Mum into a cage while Alfred gets tortured. When Alfred gets out he swings on the cage to knock the Royale Guards out but he falls off into the River Thames.

He gets picked up by a submarine and they head to Big Ben to make the sign for the Revolutionaries – 13 bongs, and after that, they free the people in the tower of London by shooting bullets out of the submarine.

Afterwards, they return to Buckingham Palace and they find concrete statues that represent their countries. They make these come alive by dripping the blood of the Royals on them. 

They defeat them and they finally see light once again.

This was a good, adventurous book. It was interesting to look ahead in time and how they think that it will be dark.

I recommend it for 8-12 years.