The coronavirus was first identified in a city called Wuhan in China. Though it has started to spread around China because people are spreading it while getting transported to work, there are also some companies in China that are closing down to stop the coronavirus from spreading. W.H.O (World Health Organization)

How it is spreading and what people are doing about it

The coronavirus is spreading pretty quickly and on Wednesday last week there were 97 deaths because of the virus and W.H.O has told countries to put anyone who has the virus in a safe place where they can’t breathe on other citizens because that is what is helping the virus to spread along with sneezing, coughing and blowing stuff near people. and

It is also said that W.H.O has the coronavirus as a global emergency because they are concerned that it will spread to countries that don’t have as much money and so they will not have the ability to spot the virus or contain it.   

The impact around the world because of the virus and what caused it

Throughout the world, because of the virus, there is now not as many people buying Corona beer although the beer has nothing to do with the virus. It said on that the virus may have actually come from animals and when people were looking after the animals the virus spread through to the humans. 

The ways you can tell if a person might have the virus are… coughing, fever and difficulties breathing. However, the way that the virus has a possibility of killing people is because it can stop your immune system which is very dangerous to kids or babies, and even grandparents or other elderly.

Is it in NZ or not?  

It is said that there are traces of the virus in New Zealand but most of them are in the North Island.

In my opinion, I think that we are a safe country and that doctors will develop vaccines or medicines to treat the infected people.

Alex – Year 7