The Traitor and the Thief by Gareth Ward.

The Traitor and the Thief is a very good and exciting book written for people of our age. It has a few scary scenes in it though. 

It starts off with a 14-year-old boy named Sin being chased through the Coxford City by Eldritch Moons. Sin is caught and offered a way out of his life of crime. He is recruited into an organisation COG (Covert Operations Group), where he learns to be a spy dedicated to stopping wars. Sin then befriends Zonda Chubbs. After an assassination attempt on COG’s founder, Nimrod Barm, Sin joins Zonda’s secret mission to find the traitor in COG.

After being tricked into breaking the cast-iron rule of going out during the night, he gets kicked out of COG where he is forced to team up with Velvet Von Darque to find out what’s happening in a workhouse. They both are disguised and given a job in the workhouse. But Sin is discovered and taken to a secret lab where he has blue blood pumped into him.

He is then rescued by Eldritch but Velvet then stopped him after figuring out he was the traitor. Sin is then stabbed in the shoulder by Eldritch but then Sins old gang leader called Fixer stops Eldritch. Sin is taken to COGs hospital and Eldritch is imprisoned.

I have read this book and the next in the series, The Clockill and the Thief, both are really good books and I have really enjoyed them. Gareth Ward is a  great writer and I hope he writes more in the series.