The challenge for this week includes four possibilities as you can see. If you would like to try numbers 1 or 2, you can use the guidelines which we already have on our blog. 

Task 1: Making Comments

You might make a How To Write A Quality Comment poster, using a tool like CanvaAdobe SparkGoogle Draw.


Check out the creative way Mrs. Vazquez made a commenting poster using a web tool called Thinglink. If you hover over the blue circles you’ll find more information.

More examples:
  • Miaomiao included a cute comic where a dolphin and turtle learn about quality commenting.
  • Mrs. Yollis made a wonderful infographic using Canva and Bitmoji to share her expectations for quality comments.
  • “Dr. Hagle” and “Sarah Gold” used Puppet Pals to explain quality commenting using a Fairy BLOGmother!
  • Rajyashori used emojis to explain her commenting guidelines.
  • Brenton used some specific examples of what makes a good comment.
  • Karl explained a great “3 C and a Q” approach to commenting.

Task 2: How To Comment

Many themes and blogging platforms have different ways to leave a comment.

You might need to click on the title of the post, or click on a number in a circle, or click on the words “Leave a comment”.

This task involves writing a page (or post) for your blog explaining how to leave a comment. 

You could write it as a set of steps or perhaps create a video showing what to do.

How to make your own video

  • You can use a free Chrome extension called Screencastify to make a video.
  • Loom is a favourite tool for making screencast videos.
  • If you use an iPad you can make a screencast without any special app. Tony Vincent shows us how to do that in this graphic…

Tony Vincent screencast iPad

Task 4: Comment On Other Blogs

We know the benefits of commenting, so let’s leave some comments!

  1. Find three or four blogs you’d like to leave a comment on. Check out the list of participants for whom you can make comments and give feedback. These are the lists of students and classes who have submitted a task so far. 
  2. Leave a quality comment on one post on the blogs you choose to visit.
  3. Write a post for our blog mentioning who you visited, which post you left a comment on and why, then include the comment you left. Include a link to the blogs you commented on too. Hint: make sure you copy the comment or take a screenshot before you hit the submit button.

Example posts:

  • Figgy wrote a post telling us about the comments she left on other blogs and included the links.
  • 12th grader Rheinhard reflected on commenting in this well-written post. 
  • Rajyashori from India shared some of the great comments she left on various blogs in this reflective post. 
  • Ms. Blessings’ grade two/three students shared some examples of the comments they left during the last challenge.
  • Julien visited three student blogs and shared screenshots and links in his post.