I found the student blogging challenge really fun. The thing I enjoyed most about the blogging challenge was making our avatars and looking at how they came out, mine didn’t actually look anything like me but it was really fun to try something new. The thing I think it could improve on is how long it went for because I found it really fun and it didn’t seem that long when it finished. I’m looking forward to next year in the 2021 blogging challenge.

In the blogging challenge, we had a lot of tasks to do and I’m going to share my avatars because that was my favourite task. The picture on the left is the one that I put in for the blogging challenge. I’m the one in the top left but it looks nothing like me. 

My family is quite a sporty family and our favourite sport is rugby. Each one of us has played rugby. I play wing, my brother Jackson plays fullback, Mum played second-five and Dad played wing. My Poppa also played but I don’t know what position he played.

If you can’t read the words in the box about me this is basically what they said.

Hi, my name is Hunter I’m eleven and enjoy lots of sports such as rugby, basketball, cricket, mountain biking, running and I like hanging out with my mates.

I’m going to keep blogging with the school probably with my 100 word challenges, which I find really fun also. I might make some stories as well, or make some book or movie reports. I want to do the blogging challenge again next year because now I actually get what to do and how to do it, but just because I got a little confused from it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.

I will keep connecting with people that are my friends but I can’t talk to face to face with, like my friend who moved to Thailand last year. I now speak to him quite a lot thanks to google hangouts which has kept us connected. I will connect with other schools by commenting on their blog posts and responding to their comments on mine.