Maddy presented this current events item.   

New Zealand scientists have come up with a new way to keep track of the endangered Kakapo bird, which is endemic to New Zealand.  

The kakapo, a large, nocturnal, flightless, lek-breeding parrot – is a real oddity. It is also critically endangered. 

Before humans arrived kakapo were common throughout New Zealand’s forests, but predation by introduced mammals brought it to the brink of extinction and by brink I mean there’s only 211 of them left.

To help monitor and track these amazing birds, special drones have been designed to fly near the birds and monitor their activity. This tracking device is helping scientists to keep an eye on their health and learn more about their behaviours and what they’re getting up to. 

Certain Kakapo have been tagged with special radio monitors. That’s how the scientists can locate them and keep track of their moves. 

The drones locate the birds and record the time and position. This system is proving more accurate than other methods. 

Do you think these birds will go extinct?

What can we, the general public do to help the population to rise?

And do you think this may be the most effective way to keep track of the kakapo? 

Maddy = 10 June 2020