Ella is back with a new 100 Word Challenge.

The prompt this week was to use the words: …it is heavier than I expected…

Packing my belongings into boxes is the most BORING job in the entire world. Especially if you don’t want to move halfway around the world.

I am feeling a mix of emotions. I’m sad because I have to leave everything behind, but I am also very happy to be able to have a different experience.

I put the sticky tape on the last box, YES I’m done!  I look around my room, whoops I forgot to pack my trophy.

I go and put it into one of my brothers boxes. It is heavier than I expected, I think to myself.


Click… click… click.

The lock was slowly turning, how?

Everything goes blank. 

Next minute I see my parents lifeless bodies, right in front of me.

I kneel next to my mother, picking up her head. Her mouth was lolling open, I couldn’t bear the thought, I just couldn’t!

I clench my eyes shut, but my eyes are leaking with tears.

Then everything stopped and I find myself sitting in a room with two other people, a man, and a woman.

I realise why I’m here, I realise why I had that flashback.

I’m in an orphanage, I’m getting new parents.

Zak’s favourite movie is The Rocky Horror Show.

  Review on the The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical that was written in 1973 and released as a movie in 1975 by Richard O’Brien who was born as Richard Smith on 25 March 1942.  Richard O’Brien now lives in New Zealand – he played Riff Raff in the original movie.

It is an awesome sci-fi musical about an alien called Frank N Furter. Him and his servants live in a big mansion in the middle of nowhere.

Two normal people called Brad and Janet decide to visit an old teacher from Denton High called Dr Everett Scott. They miss a corner and find themselves at a dead end. They try to reverse but end up with a flat tyre. They are left with no choice but to enter the old mansion which reveals the horrors within

The reason I like the Rocky Horror Picture Show because it is humorous,  weird, funny AND MAD. I also went to the Hollywood theatre in Sumner, Christchurch to watch this movie in a sing along version. You had all these things like when it was raining in the film you were given newspaper and Frank N Furter would squirt everyone with a little plastic watergun.

Some of the characters are:       

Brad Majors   – Barry Bostwick

Janet Wyce     – Susan Sarandon

Frank N Furter  – Tim Curry

Riff-Raff        – Richard O’Brien

Columbia     – Little Nell

Magenta      – Patricia Quinn


Some of the songs are:

Science Fiction

Dammit Janet

There’s a Light

The Time Warp

In conclusion, I highly recommend you to watch this and GIVE YOURSELF OVER TO ABSOLUTE  PLEASURE!