Do at least two of these:

  • Compliment the writer.
  • Add new information.
  • Make a connection.
  • Ask a question.
  • Give a wish or a hope.

Do all of these:

  • Write two or more sentences.
  • Address the person you are talking to and sign your name, like a letter.
  • Protect your privacy. Use first names only. No other identifying details.
  • Use standard English.
  • Proofread.

Thanks to Mrs. Yollis’ class and video for inspiring these comment guidelines.

Before making any comment on a blog, it is wise to also check this list for writing GREAT blog comments:This is from a wonderful school blog at Westwood with Iford Orchid Class Blog.

  • Include the use of correct capitalization, spelling and punctuation in well written sentences
  • Use high level vocabulary to make your comment interesting
  • Use a greeting and closing in your comment
  • Try to include specific details relating to the post you are commenting on
  • Don’t repeat yourself
  • Add information to your comment to develop the post even further
  • Give a compliment to the writer. This will encourage them to write more.
  • Ask a question of the writer. This will then develop a good conversation.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

one-point comment is a general comment that doesn’t add very much to the post. Example: I like your blog. Please visit mine! 

two-point comment adds something to the comment conversation. A commenter might compliment the writer in a specific way or add new information. Another idea is to make a connection. Maybe the post reminds you of an experience that you’ve had. Share that connection!  Try to end your comment with a relevant question. That way, an interesting conversation can develop.

Finally – make sure you stay safe online while following these simple rules.