Clover is in the jungle.


I  heard the severe thunderstorm hammering down on the rainforest like rocks falling from the sky. 

We went to the shelter; there was an unbearable wait. I could imagine the crisp, savoury taste of fish as I fell asleep. I woke to the birds chirping and the beautiful aroma of the wild flowers.  

We were fishing when suddenly I felt a firm tug on my line. I gathered my strength to reel in the delicious, colossal fish.  It was heavier than I expected.

When I picked it up I could feel the wet slimy scales and I dropped it.

Matthew is off to Japan in his 100 Word Challenge.

But WHAT has he got in his suitcase?

Sitting at Narita Airport, I was waiting for Angela to retrieve our suitcases. It was taking ages and I started to feel like a piece of unclaimed baggage. Maybe it was time to look for a new support companion. There were plenty of other crazy people to travel with.

Finally she was back, calmly walking with suitcases stashed under her arms. 

“Have you got a supply of custard squares in your case?” she asked, “it was heavier than I expected and I had to fight off a Sumo Wrestler who thought it was his case.”

I laughed and rolled my eyes.



Ciara went to the basement.

It sounded like violin music, was it coming from the basement?

I tiptoed down the old and creaky stairs.

“Hello?” I yelled into the darkness, there was no reply. I continued making my way towards the basement, finally I plucked up enough courage to open the door and investigate this suspicious scene.

I flung open the door and barged in, turning on my torch. I started to look around; nothing except for a crate sitting in the corner of the room.

I tried to lift it up but it was heavier than I expected.

“Oh no this was a trap.”

Sophie feels the weight of a small, interesting box.


My doorbell rang, who could it be at this hour? 

I take a few steps towards the door, straining my ears as I try to hear any movement.

Something didn’t feel right.

I open the door, no one was there. I look around curiously, and my eyes lock onto a small box placed on my doorstep.

I crouch down, picking it up, but it was heavier than I expected.

That’s when I notice the rancid smell coming from the box. Yuck, It smelt like rotting meat!

“Should I open it?” I whisper, starting to feel nauseous.

Dave feels such heavy emotion…

I felt my stomach in my mouth, and the cold wind sent a chill up my spine. I could not compare anything to the stench of scorched human flesh.

I shouldn’t have stayed. I thought I could bare the horror, but it was heavier than I expected.

I wished I could help the soldiers, but all I had was a bicycle and two hands. The alien had tentacles, sharp teeth, and not to mention a laser rifle. I felt like a coward listening to these brave men screaming in agony.

Frozen, I wondered why I had to carry this burden? 


Amber found, ‘it was heavier than expected’.

Today is the day we finally move out of our house. But not just any house… this house looks ANCIENT with window frames that have mould, and cabinets that make the most creaky noise ever, it sounds like wind whistling a haunting lullaby.

Then it happened… I got the job of cleaning out the basement. There were creepy crawlies and a rat infested floor.

I had just finished my back breaking job and now I’m on to moving the rusty metal boxes. I bent down and lifted one out, it was heavier than I expected… I collapsed to the ground.

Ella is back with a new 100 Word Challenge.

The prompt this week was to use the words: …it is heavier than I expected…

Packing my belongings into boxes is the most BORING job in the entire world. Especially if you don’t want to move halfway around the world.

I am feeling a mix of emotions. I’m sad because I have to leave everything behind, but I am also very happy to be able to have a different experience.

I put the sticky tape on the last box, YES I’m done!  I look around my room, whoops I forgot to pack my trophy.

I go and put it into one of my brothers boxes. It is heavier than I expected, I think to myself.


It was a nice sunny day, sitting, bathing out on the balcony of our expensive hotel in Indonesia.

Suddenly, the whole hotel started shaking. I dived under the table and gripped as firmly as I could onto the legs of the table. The ground was shaking so violently, the table was sliding over the floor. I was feeling so scared.

 Then, everything stopped and the world was still. I awkwardly stumbled to my feet. I looked out from the balcony. There were people, crawling around trying to get to safety.

I stumble to my crumpled bed, traumatized, I fall asleep…


Today my family and I are going to the coolest waterpark ever, which we only get to go to in the summer holidays. The water park is massive,  and my favourite things there are the giant floaties, the blow up obstacle courses and the fast hydroslides.

 The car’s GPS is saying we are only 15 minutes away, but it will probably take us longer in this traffic. 

Yay! A green light, so finally we get to go. SCREECH! BANG! The car is swerving. Then everything stops and goes silent

I wake up. The light is blinding me. Where am I?


The fresh air, the soft sand, everything you could expect at a beach party. Loud music rings in your ears as you drink the sweet taste of fizzy. I’m having a great time dancing to my heart’s content. 

My friends and I head to the water seeing the shiny waves upon me just makes me smile, then suddenly I hear what my friends were talking about. Then everything stopped and I was shocked – mostly frozen from what I have just heard. 

I think a while, then I say softly, “if you are my true friends, then you wouldn’t say that.”