I walked down the hallway.

I got a glimpse of something so I ran and I ran as fast as I could trying to get away from whatever was chasing me. 

I knew my dad had special weapons somewhere so I ran and I ran to our old garden shed where a double barrel shotgun was hidden. I found it.

I realised I was being followed by not one but two of them. They have two glowing eyes and this alien-like face. 

I knew this was not from our world because it looked rather out of place. I shot one and missed the other shot.  I brought one down but sadly I forgot the shotgun shells and left them behind. 

So it was all up to me. I grabbed the shovel against the wall and I killed that monster to death, but still  it remains. 

Where did that monster come from, and will more of them come for me again? 


Mr Wolf – by Jorja-Rose

  1. WOLF!

I am terrified but the owl creeps me out even more, with It’s gloomy, glowing eyes staring at me continuously. I started to shake my heart was beating a million miles per hour, then suddenly I was shaking non-stop that I started getting goose bumps all over me. Then a big breeze came and blew my brown tie off and it went flying off and landed on a branch. I didn’t want to reach and get it though because I was too scared to.

I was holding my lunch box in my left hand. Oh and I nearly forgot the reason I had it was because I just wanted to eat my dinner in peace alone. But I couldn’t, I just couldn’t, when I knew someone was watching me. And that someone was the owl and I also think my wife was there as well.

Sheee waasss umm! Probably looking for me and wondering where I was.

But I couldn’t let her see me because if I did she would probably make me go hunt for some food in the dark creepy misty woods. Then suddenly I heard Hoo hoo Hoo hoo, I looked around there was nothing.

I then heard it again Hoo hoo this time it wasn’t as long and had a different tune, So then I looked around again!

At first I thought it was the owl but when it happened the second time I was staring at it and I didn’t see it’s beak open!

Then I heard it once more I then realised that the only place I didn’t look was up and down I slowly looked down there was nothing I then slowly looked up….



Hoo hoo Hoo hoo do you think it was?

And do you want a part 2 to the story?

Clover has been working hard on this story for our blog.

Mr Murphy  

Wandering through the spooky forest I stopped and noticed a large shadow following me. “Hello is anyone there?” No reply. I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I ran to a cave for safety.

Suddenly the shadow appeared in front of the cave. My eyes shut involuntarily and I took a slow breath. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I felt the cave wall behind me – there was a small passageway . I sprinted down it until I found myself back in the foggy dark forest.

It was becoming night so out in the forest there was hardly any sunlight  anywhere. I heard owls hooting and animals rustling in the bushes. It’s raining  and I am freezing so I find shelter in a knot inside a tree trunk.

Just as I was settling into sticks and leaves, I heard a crack! I was shivering with fear as I slowly looked around. I saw a branch fall and then it hit the ground. Bang! I was tired by then so I curled up and fell asleep. When it became day I climbed down the tree to find my way home.

“There you are! Finally, I’ve been looking for you. I believe I have something of yours” said the dark shadow.

“Arrrr okay.” I said fearfully.

“Here! Isn’t this your hat?” asked Mr Murphy the Park Ranger as he stepped into the sunlight.

“Mr Murphy it’s only you. You sure look scary in that big black coat,” I said happily.

“Of course it’s me, who did you think it was?”

“Oh don’t worry – anyway thanks for finding my hat. Have a good day,” I said, as I walked out of the forest.

Olivia T has enjoyed working on this piece of writing for you to read!

“No you can’t do that” I scream as my dad tries to take Sparkles away, “She’s my horse.”

“Oh get a hold of yourself you’re almost 13 years old Livinia” says my dad.

“But what about show jumping and cross country? Sparkle is my life and I paid for her?”

“SHE’S GOING!” my dad shouts.

“NO SHE’S NOT!” I scream back. “Come here Sparkle,” and just like that Sparkle is out of the carriage and over to me. I jump on her and off we go. We are gone into the forest.

“I’m NOT letting you go Sparkle, never, ever!”