George has completed this week’s 100 Word Challenge.

This week the challenge was to include the words:Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing…

Here is George’s effort.

Revving up the motor and we’re off at last but don’t get your hopes up, we still have to cross the bar. We’re heading for 3 metre waves in a 40 HP rib.

“We have no chance – well that’s what I think.”

I told Gerald I was thinking of bailing out, Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing, so I chucked HIM out. He called me a wuss.

When he got back on the boat, we kept going for the 3 metre waves.

The first wave started to break over our heads. Dad looked back at us but we had already bailed.

One thought on “George has completed this week’s 100 Word Challenge.

  1. Great work George, I know just where you got that inspiration from-our adventures in the boat up in the Abel Tasman 🙂

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