Well – before we start, you just HAVE to know that this week, Julia at 100 Word Challenge, accepted the suggestion which Amber made for the 100 Word Challenge. Yahoo!

Amber chose a particularly tricky word combination, but we feel so proud of her for getting herself in the mix!

Here are the words:   PURPLE     AVOCADO     ELEPHANT     BONES      SEAHORSE


I feel my bones inside me start to crumble, as my darling avocado gets peeled and then put in the mouth of a disgusting purple elephant. But not just any elephant… Lagonza the queen of “The Small Isle” here in Quackafornia.  

I honestly have no clue why a seahorse would name their own land Quackafornia because ‘quack’ is what a duck says – on that note do ducks even speak? 

Anyway back to my tragic day. I can’t believe that a ‘queen’ ate MY darling avocado. 

(She is now written in bold and underlined in red on my list of enemies!)

6 thoughts on “AMBER WITH HER 100 WC FOR THIS WEEK

  1. Hi Amber
    What a privilege to have your idea used for the 100WC. Well done you. You will have had loads of time to think up your story! I love the description of your bones crumbling. Really lovely language.

    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

  2. Hi Amber, So proud of you and your fun story!! Lovely imagination and creative story. Keep up the exciting work!! Lots of love Granny South Africa

    • Oooh, Granny from South Africa = Amber’s teacher here. It is so lovely to see you on our blog = keep coming back as I am so proud of the student work which you see on our blog. All the best – Ms M.

  3. Hi Ms M,
    Thank you for your message. I really appreciate your hard work and stimulation of the children. Am a retired teacher and reading, writing stories and stimulating children in languages was my passion!! Regards Amber’s Granny, South Africa.

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