Well – before we start, you just HAVE to know that this week, Julia at 100 Word Challenge, accepted the suggestion which Amber made for the 100 Word Challenge. Yahoo!

Amber chose a particularly tricky word combination, but we feel so proud of her for getting herself in the mix!

Here are the words:   PURPLE     AVOCADO     ELEPHANT     BONES      SEAHORSE


I feel my bones inside me start to crumble, as my darling avocado gets peeled and then put in the mouth of a disgusting purple elephant. But not just any elephant… Lagonza the queen of “The Small Isle” here in Quackafornia.  

I honestly have no clue why a seahorse would name their own land Quackafornia because ‘quack’ is what a duck says – on that note do ducks even speak? 

Anyway back to my tragic day. I can’t believe that a ‘queen’ ate MY darling avocado. 

(She is now written in bold and underlined in red on my list of enemies!)