“Welcome to the super weird circus, we have lots of animals for entertaining you, let’s get on with the show!”

Today was going to be the best day of my life, I finally got to go to a circus.

The ringmaster told the audience about the coolest mutated animals in the world, including an incredible flying elephant. 

I didn’t realise they could fly. 

The elephant came out of his cage and started flying around the audience. A young child playfully squirted the elephant with his water bottle.

The elephant retaliated by spraying the child in the face with his trunk.

5 thoughts on “JACK’S 100 WORD CHALLENGE.

  1. Dear Jack,
    You have an amazing story! I think its funny how the elephant sprayed the kid in the face with his trunk. Amazing story! You’re a great writer!
    -Brianna CO

  2. Hi Jack, I liked how you did the circus theme. I thought it was a bit like Dumbo. I also liked when the elephant sprayed the kid.

  3. Nice story, Jack!
    I liked how you talked about something abnormal like a flying elephant! What other mutated animals were there? Keep up the great work.

    Aidan, Grade 5, Illinois, USA

  4. Dear Jack,
    Your story about a circus uses great vocabulary, and the way the prompt was used is amazing!
    Diya, Grade 5, Illinois, USA

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