Hi I’m Jamie, and today I’m going to compare two schools I have attended. Sumner Primary School in the city of Christchurch, and Ashley School which is a smaller country school outside Christchurch.

In the chart below you will see the highs and lows of these schools. 


Disadvantages Advantages Advantages Disadvantages
Very crowded in some areas. Superfast fibre internet. Close to house so don’t have to bike as far as Sumner. Slow internet is very annoying sometimes.
School being rebuilt so really noisy. Really nice views from the top story of the main building. Small populated school so lots of room. Near a prime trucking route so quite noisy at times.
At assembly time the hall got really overpopulated and crowded. Massive indoor basketball court so you could have really good games.  Really good bike trails nearby. Close to the airport so a lot of low flying air traffic around.
But only 6 so often there was a huge line. Really nice apple iMac desktop pcs. Never have to use photoshop and other complicated resources.  But work is a lot harder sometimes than Sumner.  
But they were $2 per hot dog. Hot dogs were offered out every Tuesday. Actual good tennis courts. Have to ask permission to use them.
Can only go in there when a teacher is on-site. Really good 25m School pool.  Bull rush is allowed. But the field often crowded so people get in the way.
Beach often on hot days super crowded Really close to the beach. Decently close to a real good surf beach. But the best wind for the waves is a southerly so real cold.

In truth, I can’t tell what school is better as they both have a number of good and bad things about them. So maybe you can help, leave a comment on what one sounds better to you, or tell about how your school is the same or different to these.