Ashley School break times by Sophia.

At Ashley School we have a 25 minute morning tea break and a 50 minute lunch break.

At morning tea and lunch we have a duty teacher out  in case anyone needs help.

They often wear high vis vests. We eat our morning tea inside but we eat lunch outside and we are not allowed to go and play until one o’clock.

Where we are allowed to play at lunch.

After we have eaten we are allowed to go and play. We cannot go behind the senior class room but we are able to play on our beautiful playground and our field. 

Our playground is split in two. We have an adventure playground and on one side in the middle we have a walking plank and some monkey bars, and on the other side is a slide, a flying fox and a climbing wall.

This is not quite our play ground but there are some similarities. Most kids love to play in our school tree house, which is being upgraded right now.