‘Dammit!’ yelled the Marmites. 

Marmites and Vegemites were in the final of the volleyball tournament, but only one team can make it to nationals. 

Score tied 22-22. 

Vegemites ace spiked a ball – could not be stopped. 

Marmites turn to serve. They had no choice but to give it all they’ve got to get ahead.

The game so far:

  • The captain of the Vegemite team secretly likes Marmite.
  • Both team captains have secrets that they can’t hide forever.
  • Players – Marmite smart plays.
  • Sworn enemies 
  • Vegemite Gruesome. 
  • Ms. Mitealot
  • Sir Adams Vege

Vegemites ace spiker? ‘No,’ he said, “ I like Marmite.’