Learning City Christchurch – Puketeraki

During week 2 Ryia and myself set out to Rangiora High school where we then were met with children from 17 other schools throughout the North Canterbury region. We were attending the Learning City Christchurch programme as part of the Puketeraki community.

After a bit of discussion and sorting out the sashes and name tags we had to wear we travelled by bus to the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

On the way we got taught a new Waiata by Matua Mark. The waiata was called “Puketeraki”. Puketeraki means the mountain ranges surrounding all the schools.

We were also accompanied by two high school students from the Rangiora High School Kapa Haka group. Hinata was sitting next to Ryia while Fay sat next to Jorja. This waiata was representing that Puketeraki meant  standing strong and tall together as a community and spreading aroha to one another. This was a great waiata to sing and learn, it was encouraging everyone to be brave, contribute and also to help one another.

Planting ti kouka (cabbage tree) at the Redwood Reserve.

Once we arrived at the Botanic Gardens, we went to the kiosk. In there we all had a korero explaining what we were looking forward to and what school we had come from. 

Then a teacher from Swannanoa introduced us to the spectacular harakeke braiding into roses, which everyone then contributed to by making at least  two each. We then had to distribute them to members of the public and explain who we were and why we were doing it. We also sang our practised waiata – I think everyone loved the song as Jorja and I really enjoyed singing it.

After a walk round the gardens we travelled by bus to Redwood Springs which was the one thing everyone said they were looking forward to in the korero… The tree planting!

During this planting there were 80 plants to go round and everyone planted at least 2 – 3 each with some students even getting up to 5 or 6. 

Ryia and I successfully planted 3 which included two Pittosporum and a Ti Kouka.

This was a very special thing to do as everytime we visit Redwood Springs we will be able to say we planted these trees. 

This was an epic adventure and such a cool experience and we would definitely love to do this awesome experience again. We also recommend going to Redwood Springs and taking a look around all the baby plants that are growing throughout each area and across the paths and walkways through the reserve.

By Jorja-Rose and Ryia.