The famous Taika Waititi film Boy is an amazing movie based in New Zealand. But I think only people that are 13 or over should watch it.

This movie is one of the best movies I’ve ever watched, and it is definitely one of my favourite movies.

The main character is called Boy. He has a little brother called Rocky. When Rocky was born his Mum died. Now he thinks that he has superpowers and made his Mum die when he was born.

Boy loves Michael Jackson and he can even do Michael Jackson dance moves. Not!

Boy’s dad Alamein is a very irresponsible Dad for a lot of reasons. Alamein went to jail but he brought a spoon with him so he dug a hole with the spoon to escape and magically got away from the guards by attacking them with the spoon.

It took Boy a while to figure out that Alamein was not a good Dad.

I think it’s a really good movie I rate it about 8/10 but If you don’t like movies with a little bit of violence then this movie isn’t for you, because Boy sees his dad getting beaten up. But if you want to still try it out I really recommend it.

By Hunter.